The Personal Training Clinic is a new fitness studio in Sutton Coldfield


We're here to help you get fit, stay healthy and feel good, especially if visiting the gym isn't your cup of tea.

As part of our launch we're offering personalised fitness plans, so call today and book a free 30 minute consultation with one of our qualified and experienced personal trainers.


At the Personal Training Clinic we have a wealth of experience in key fitness areas, including:

- Strength Training -

- Body Toning -

- Weight Loss & Dieting -

- Fitness Bootcamp -

- Sports Therapy & Sports Massage -

If you currently go to the gym, or plan to do so, why not start with a bit of attention from a fitness specialist? It's the quickest way to stay efficient and get the most out of your exercise regimen. For those who aren't sure how to start, or spend time worrying about their form:  we're here to guide you to fitness, fast!