Claire Swanton

GOAL:  Regain strength in legs following a serious knee injury; lose weight/get fitter generally


I was about a dress size 26/28, now an 18 (16 on a good day)

I was 140kg when I started and having lost 45kg I am now 94.8kg, I have lost 13% of my bodyfat, equating to nearly 38kg of fat (I cannot believe I could have carried that around all day everyday).



Roisin Connolly

GOAL: Weight Loss and Toning and build up my fitness.

START DATE: 26/09/2016



Within weeks of starting my training with Craig I could see huge differences with my body shape and a huge improvement in my fitness levels, I was able to go further and further each week and progress with my weight training quite quickly as well.

I felt that the experience was worth every penny and would highly recommend your training regime; sometimes we could all use a little help sticking to our gym routine. Keep up the good work.

Steve Gayden


Craig listened to what I wanted and gave me the confidence to try types of exercise I never thought I was capable of. I’m now entering 10km races something I would never have believed I was capable of 2 years ago.

Alison Newey


I am amazed at how little machines you do have to use, technique and breathing correctly are a huge part of my work out.

Thanks a lot Craig and keep up the good work and it just shows healthy eating and the right exercise can work in life!

Jane Philiips

After twenty sessions I now feel more than confident in all exercises and no longer get random muscle strains and niggles. Two months on I am still sticking to the diet and routines Craig gave me and i've never felt better.


Adam Duffy


I had never really enjoyed exercising so when we set a date for our wedding in August I knew that I would need some help to get into shape. Training with Craig really pushed me and made me follow a programme of cardio and weights I would never have thought possible if on my own.

Zoe McGovern


I have been going to the gym for three years in hope of building and shaping
muscle and have got nothing out of it. 3 months of serious work with Craig
has changed my body and my health in ways I dreamed of before.

Sami Badrakhan


Thank you Craig for giving me the guidance and support that I badly needed in order to lose weight and become and fitter person. What you have done has not only helped me lose weight and increase my fitness, but changed my life! 

Alastair Walker


The tailored exercise programme and nutrition advice you have given me has been a little challenging at times but actually sticking to it has given me fantastic results. I feel great and have had tonnes of compliments on my new toned physique.

Thanks a lot and lots of love!

Vicki Collins


I started to feel better and more energised after just a few sessions but after a couple of weeks started to see an improvement in my appearance. After about 6 weeks I could really start to see more obvious definition in my shoulders, arms and abs. This continued to improve each week from this point.

Chris Guest


**Feb 06 ~ Weight 18stone ~ Dress Size (top) 24 ~ Dress Size (bottom) 22


**Aug 06 ~ Weight 13st 12lb ~ Dress Size (top) 16 ~ Dress Size (bottom) 14

Jane Newman


Craig set out a personal training routine and explained how his nutritional advice and lifting heavy wouldn't make me look like a man but would tone me up & get rid of my wobbly bits. He trained me twice a week constantly till I was able to do a proper press up. 



1 Year Apart