Looking to commit to a lifestyle change?

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Our friendly and professional personal trainers will provide the engagement, advice and motivation you'll need to maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Each gym trainer is also a nutritionist and can offer guidance on the best foods to keep you healthy and maximise the results of your hard work.

Why personal Training?

Using a personal trainer is one of the quickest ways to make a difference to your health and general fitness. Many people will commit to finding "gyms near me", but then struggle with three major issues early on:


Working out is tough - at least in the beginning. Even paying for a gym membership won't motivate some people long enough to see results.

A gym trainer gives you the kind of encouraging push that will take you from thinking about getting fit to actually getting fit. And that's a big difference!


Ever walked into a gym with no idea what to do, or where to begin? Many people develop poor technique or even injure themselves when starting exercise.

Knowing which exercises to do and (more importantly) how to do them is a great start. That's what a fitness trainer is for: to make sure you're working out properly.


If you've been to the gym and muddled through a few sessions, you'll probably start feeling good - which is the whole idea! Unfortunately, making real progress is more complicated than going to the gym once or twice a week. Routine is the foundation of fitness, but it can also become your enemy. Doing the same four or five exercises at the gym won't give you the returns you could be getting, because being consistent means changing your regimen.

The advantage of using a personal trainer is that they've done the research and they know how to work on your arms (or legs), how to get the most from every set, and what to eat in order to keep what you've made. Real fitness is a science, and real gains come from a bit of coaching as well as a lot of hard work.

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Craig Evans

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Sports Therapist

Oliver Doorman

Personal Trainer

Glenn Farnham

Personal Trainer