Roisin Connoly - Story


GOAL: Weight Loss and Toning and build up my fitness.

START DATE: 26/09/2016



HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS: Within weeks of starting my training with Craig I could see huge differences with my body shape and a huge improvement in my fitness levels, I was able to go further and further each week and progress with my weight training quite quickly as well.

PREVIOUS TRAINING/EXERCISE: I had been doing a lot of walking in the 12months prior to starting with Craig but this was the only exercise I had done, I never used weights before, I thought these were only things that bodybuilders used, Craig explained how using weights and the correct food/fuel and when to eat it  would help me lose weight and having a structured program to follow every week meant I stayed focused and seen the results.

WHAT YOU ENJOYED: I have so far enjoyed all of the programs Craig has done for me, You never stay on the same routine for very long there’s always little changes or added exercises to keep your body guessing and working as it should. It’s never been boring for me and Craig always pushes you in subtle ways, he’s thankfully not a shouty PT he knows how to make you work and get the results that you want without being in your face and really gives you the feeling that your work and results matter to him as much as they do to you. Overall I have lost 9 stone when I started with Craig I had lost 7 but wanted to start toning up and change up my current routine and educate myself more around Diet and Exercise and I am still a work in progress with approx ¾ stone left to lose to get to my target.